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A duo of sick rappers that hail from New Orleans LA. $crim a.k.a Slick sloth a.k.a Yung $carecrow a.k.a Lil Death a.k.a Yung Famine and Ruby da Cherry a.k.a Oddy Nuff da $now leopard a.k.a Yung Mutt a.k.a Yung Plague etc... Their songs consist of lyrics that focus alot on dark themes depression, drug use, self mutilation and demonic worship, although stating that they do not worship the devil, but rather use that as an interpretation of money and all things that control us as humans. $crim handling most of their production, he does most of the engineering and composing of their music unless credited otherwise aswell as rapping alongside Ruby. They have developed a cult type following and have just started to take off as artists garnering 1 million plus views on multiple videos on their YouTube (G*59) with others in the high hundred thousands and have a very promising future as artists.
Bruh, did you hear that new $uicide boy$? Shit is fire, $crim and Ruby go hard as fuck!
by Jake_c0usteau July 25, 2016
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$uicideboy$ is a sick horrocore group that contains ruby and scrim
yo that new $uicideboy$ album is fresh
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by Boii123456789 August 15, 2017
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Bunch of vaping fagots that love molesting underage girls and chill in their shit fords outside Tesco.
Look at the $uicide boy

$uicide Boy$ strike again

We're on top !
by Exposingthetruth123D January 19, 2017
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