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#bakerwasted is a state of drunken revelry embodied by the legendary Shiner King. #bakerwasted got its start at a Moonshine Bandits concert. The night generally begins with a well intentioned proclamation of a 2 beers 1 shot limit but then escalates to copious amounts of whiskey consumption. #bakerwasted status is achieved when you begin making pirate faces in selfies and start hugging random strangers saying "I love you bro". Extreme #bakerwasted status is achieved by throwing plastic cups across a stage or climbing atop a random ATV in a Texas mud park. #bakerwasted is the embodiment of the freedom of partying it up with friends and fellow shiners and may include being carried out of a venue at the end of the night.
Man, I am totally getting #bakerwasted tonight.

Dude you must be #bakerwasted or some shit.
by StealthShiner September 29, 2016
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