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A day that went down HISTORICALLY; It is a ritual that every Friday Nicki Minaj' Barbs and Kens say to random people in Honor of Nicki's highly anticipated debut album | released 11.23.10 . ITS TITLED PINK FRIDAY AND IT CONTINUES TO BREAK RECORDS SEEN THUS FAR* by any other female rapper etc . ITS THE BEST ALBUM ANYONE COULD PURCHASE UNTIL NICKI MINAJ COMES OUT W HER 2nd ALBUM .. hmm!!
Tap your neighbors on the shoulder and say, "#ItsPINKFRIDAYHOE!!!!"

Martha asks her son, "Roman is it Thursday?" and because IT IS NOT THURSDAY and IT IS ACTUALLY, FRIDAY..Roman replies to his mutha Martha..."NO BITCH, ITS PINK FRIDAY, HOE!" =D
by AnIiiiiiii April 08, 2011
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