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Pronounced: Dift-ul
An acronym for 'Do It For The Lads', a game commonly played between a group of friends. The game is always in play.

When a group member says something they would do/indirectly say to someone as a joke and 'Do it for the Lads' is stated then the member must do as they said. If they fail to do so or choose not to they have to do one of three challenges set by the other members. The three challenges are limited by the group you are in (their boundaries) or how drunk you are, simple. If the member fails their challenge they are smacked in the balls by the DIFTL caller. If it is over the internet (e.g. Facebook or other social media) then the challenges can still be set and played out but photo/video evidence is required as proof of accomplishment.
Member A: I could take him any day.
Member B: Do it for the Lads (#DIFTL)
Member A: No, I can't fight him.
Member B: Right then, challenges...
Member A: I can't be arsed.
Member B: *smack to the balls*
by Pyron March 08, 2014
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