!givestand is a permission where you can get any stand you want. The only rules are that you can't use unreleased stands, you can't use whitelisted stands or you will be sent to a infinite loop kick and you can't give free stands to people. The people who got the perms from applying were : Flygon, Bruno, Angel, Mr G, and Mr. Rage (all of them lost they're !givestand for different reasons except for Mr G) The reason Angel lost it was because he gave celes Martial arts. The reason Mr. Rage lost his !givestand was because he abused "vortex" a whitelisted custom for admins+ The reason Bruno and Flygon lost they're !givestand was because of a new rule stating only dev+ get !givestand. And after constantly being reminded by Lexi to stop using unreleased stands, there was that one day where they used the Minecraft spec in a public server. Bruno did not know that testing stands were not allowed to be used in public servers back then. Lexi got fed up of them using unreleased stands in public and removed they're perm and saying "you don't need stand perms"
I boosted the server. Who has !givestand perms to give me my booster stand.
by Brunoo Bucciarati January 27, 2021
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