a joke started with a twitch command that would tell you the amount of eyes in an end portal in a random seed.

now it has become a cult.

You -> Your seed is a 2 eye.
by Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh November 23, 2020
1) A re-occurring joke popular on the online platform "twitch.tv" as a term used in Minecraft to find the "seed", (the code which is known to select the randomization of one's world) of the current world the streamer(s)/player(s) were currently logged onto. The joke comes from first from the streaming platform YouTube.com where people would ask their favourite/popular content creators - the seed of their Minecraft world in an attempt to remake it in their own time for recreational purposes. The joke, however, transferred over to twitch.tv as a command based joke.

2) A joke popular on "twitch.tv" as a term used in Minecraft to find how many eyes of ender in a streamer's randomized world. It is increasingly popular in the speedrunning community.
"The current world seed is _______________"


"There are _ eyes of ender currently in the frames located at __________"
by Pryzm November 24, 2020