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Used in long uses of exclamation marks, the !1one is an intentional mistake that jokes about the appearance of numeral value "1" in exclamation overdoses. This is due to the shift key not consistantly being pressed while tapping "1" for the overused "!"'s. The intentional error may signify even more exclamation marks, like some kind of lunatic scientific notation. !1one may= !E9 or !*10^9, thus representing an absurd amount of exclamation.
D00d 74h7 w4z FSCKING 4W350M3!1!!!!1one!!1!!!!!
by Demo December 01, 2004
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Part of the internet language 1337 speak. Usually said after a sentence to add 1337-ness.
Can I haz reconzorz?1one
by Aclopolipse March 21, 2008
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