What you call a band that you hear on the radio but you aren't sure who they are, but they sound like every other band. So you just call them "Nickelback"
Guy 1: who sings that one "chasing cars" song?
Guy 2: I think thats nickelback, dude
Guy 1: *turns on radio*

Radio: "Can you take me HIGHER?"

Guy 2: Dammit, not another nickelback song!
by School_Sick_801 June 13, 2009
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a group of no talent hacks from hannah alberta who formed a "band". They have no originality and have managed to turn 3-4 songs into several albums by constantly re-writing and re-packaging them. When writing their lead singer and guitarist (chad kroeger) always consults a third grade rhyming dictionary so he can finish the next line of the song, further more to say his guitar skills are rudimentary would be far too kind. hated universally by music critics and people who are not retarded the world over this knock off, mediocre, cheesy band astonishingly sustains a large fan-base. these said fans are referred to as dip-shits. dip-shits often defend shitle-back by pointing to their album sales or their fame and money almost never attempting to defend their artistic integrity, the object usually under attack.
dip-shit: you going to the nickelback concert

me: no they're fucking clown-shoes, I would rather listen to fran drescher while being raped by hitler then go to that suckfest
by nickelbacksucks April 08, 2008
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A terrible band from Alberta, Canada, who did a good job in revolutionizing the already-crappy music scene that exists in this world today. Nickelback invented a new level of SHIT.
Chad Kroeger: Look at this photograph. Every time I do it makes me laugh.

DE: Look at this crappy band, I want to fling shit at them.

DS: Oh yeah! Nickelback bites the big one!

DE: Pwned!
by destructo ermine February 20, 2006
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See overrated, fraud, untalented. A fake ass excuse for a so called "Post Grunge" band. But in reality they're not grunge. They're a subgenre of rock known as "Nu-Metal". Usually Loved by pre-teens, they are easily called the "greatest rock band ever", but anyone with a brain and passion for music will know that it's crap. If anyone has actually gone through every song that Nickelback has produced, you'd notice that most of the song melodies in Nickelback's songs sound exactly identical to one another. This PROVES that Nickelback obviously have no talent. And are frauds.
Nickelback are one of the worst bands to ever exist.
by a real music enthusiast June 11, 2006
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a band that has strategically attached itself to the easiest fanbase in the world to manipulate... the young American female. Now, they still have their share of tween males, but they own the brain of the young American female. It's why they are allowed to keep pumping out basically the same 2 songs, each with similar musical structures. They have the slow song...which features elementary guitar playing, and Chad Kroeger singing about some type of sadness that doesn't actually exist on Earth or the "remember high school" theme (a la Kenny Chesney). Then they take the slow song principles... speed up the guitar a little... and instead of sadness they go to the other end of the spectrum... and they sing about either a) unattainable fame... b) doing drugs (which they probably know nothing about)... or c) a combination of a + b with some type of sex added to it. By playing BOTH ends of the spectrum... young people (retards) and women go nuts because they think that makes Nickelback "musically diverse".... but in actuality they are very, very limited in what they can do with their instruments.
Just watch a video of them on Youtube. Watch how they make their guitar riffs look extremely hard... They always make that "this part is complicated" face when they are playing. But, if you take the time to actualy listen to the music it's the same basic notes over and over and over again.
The existence of Nickelback is unfortunate.
by Chemistry Rules January 24, 2010
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A band whose music is the auditory form of swallowing Satan's semen. Calling this band's music bland and completely mindless would be a compliment. They are consumer artists who lack creativity, but appeal to a shallow vapid audience with lyrics that make them sound "tough" and "racy". Just another neutered capitalist scumbag band. They are the antithesis of alternative music because nothing is alternative about them; they are mainstream garbage and should have choked on their umbilical cords
"Hey, man, give me one reason why most pop music sucks!"

by David Lynch Blue Velvet January 19, 2008
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