We drive nice cars and live in big houses. We have no school spirit and bad reputations. The local hangout after Friday's game is Whataburger or club w to us not Sonic or Wendys. The steroids was about 10 seniors and they graduated.. sex scandal was two mexican kids not our entire school. Its a regular high school but since we have money kids think their parents' lawyers can pay their way out of everything, therefore getting caught doesn't seem to bug them. With a friendly rivalry with Grapevine and nothing but hate for Southlake we also are listed among worst fans, you forgot that one. We have nothing to do, so drama spread by gossip is one the biggest past times. With all that on the surface, underneath it... living here has been the best seventeen years of my life and I wouldn't trade the memories or people here for anything. If those are the the worst flaws you can fine then I think we're doing alright. Can you say hypocrites.. why is the media trashing us so much if gossip is so wrong and why is having money a crime? Don't be jealous of what OUR PARENTS worked for. We had no control over that and having money, "being rich" shouldn't be something held against us. Colleywood, its like Hollywood but in Texas. Who could ask for more?
Bobby: "Southlake is a richer version of Colleyville, but they aren't on the news because they have enough money to pay them off."
by michellexixi October 15, 2005
believe it or not, it is a place with normal people live. kids dont drive around in BMWs (well, maybe three or four) they are lucky to get beat up '76 hondas. Don't judge, because you have never/don't live here. dont get me wrong, there are a few extremely superficial, but not very many. they have a normal high school just like everyone else. there is sex, drugs, and parties but everyone cares about theirs because they are supposed to have a better life or whatever. wrong, they are just like you but they have everyone staring at them. also, there are apartments in colleyville as well as smaller homes. very few of them have 10,000 sq. foot homes. oh, and there are some cute boutiques :
Cody: Man I wen't to Colleyville this weekend. You know how everyone's always like 'oh yeah, they are so rich, drivin around in their BMWs'.

Stan: Yeah, so? Aren't they?

Cody: Nah man! I saw so many trashed cars, it was like a monster truck rally!
by SmittenLeafer April 17, 2008
full of potheads and hicks. the only thing it's known for is being right next to an international airport and June lives there....
by hi April 12, 2004
Where everyone and their moms are fake blondes with eyelash extensions and spray tans
Oh my gosh, she looks orange
“Yea, she must be from colleyville high school
by Gstripper25 February 1, 2019
Where everyone is fake and their mom are fake blondes with dramatic eyelash extensions and orange spray tans. There are also toilets in the smoke room. Colleyville kids throw open house parties only for them to be busted in an hour.
“I popped 3 addys before class”
Oh you must got to Colleyville Heritage High School”
by funnyaznfag December 10, 2019