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A tactic usually used on forums or chat boxes. Works best when there are more then two people.

Jump Posting can happen by accident or can be used to avoid awkward posts.
If you have accidentally jump-posted someone, it is best to either post again and acknowledge them or edit your original post to respond to them.
Purposeful Jump posting:

Person 1: So how was your day Person 3?

Person 2: I love you Person 3 I jack of to you every day <3

Person 3: My day was pretty good, I had some cake that was not a lie for once. :D

Person 1: That's cool.

Accidental Jump Posting:

Person 1: S'up Person 3?

Person 2: So Person 3 I was wondering if you could edit those pics for me.

Person 3: Not much, just eating some cake *Nom*

Person 2: T_T
by ~Spark~ August 04, 2011
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