2 definitions by ~*C.N.F. ChiiCk*~

Actin' crazy, stupid, or silly in a situation weather in a bad way or a good one; feelin' yoself, as dey call it; havin' fun actin' out.
Ex.1- Euhhh ma niggah, luk at dat gurl up ova der hella doin' tha fool lyke its really cute dho.
Ex.2- Tell meeh why meeh n ma patnas
was hella doin' tha fool at tha mall last weekend.
by ~*C.N.F. ChiiCk*~ January 23, 2009
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1. Not being shy or scarry about a situation and willing to do something.
2. or being 'bout some nonsense that aint really neccessary.
"Man tell me why that B***h acted like she was wit tha shit at first, then she started tryna act brand new."

"Niggah raise up out my ear wit all dat, always tryna start something, you stay wit tha shit."
by ~*C.N.F. ChiiCk*~ January 22, 2009
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