1 definition by zumiez

The best show on Adult Swim now that Space Ghost is dead and Family Guy is on. Futurama is a close second, but it doesn't come close to the "WTF" humor of Metalocalypse. It rocks so hard that unicorns everywhere are crying blood...a true stoner's show. It follows the exploits of death-metal band Dethklok, the single greatest cultural force in the known universe. Once they endorse a product, that company instantly becomes the sole source for that product, due to every other company going bankrupt.
Stoner 1: Dude...it's almost 1 am...see what's on TV.

Stoner 2: Alright...Food Network...Comedy Central...hey, Cartoon Network, dude. Adult Swim is on.

both stoners: METALOCALYPSE!!
by zumiez January 24, 2008