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Lipstick lesbian pedophile. A female adolescent or a grown woman who is sexually attracted to prepubescent girls; girls that are anywhere from infant to 12 years old. Her appearance and mannerisms don't even hint at this, though, because she seems like your typical girly girl or feminine woman. But make no mistake, she is a lesbian (although, to be fair, some LLP's are bisexual, meaning that they are attracted to men as well, or prepubescent boys which is even more rare) and a pedophile; two things that are never associated with feminine females. It is an odd condition. The actual number of females who are LLP's is unknown, but it is more common than one would think. There may be an LLP in your life, unbeknownst to you. Due to the societal stigma and the fact that they could hurt a child's mental stability, most LLP's remain closeted and do not act out on their desires. Most of them are content with going online to share fantasies and stories with other LLP's as a way of relieving pressure. It should also be noted that most LLP's get along well enough with their more masculine or androgynous counterparts. There is little to no conflict in the lesbian pedophile community, unlike the normal lesbian community.
19-year-old Sarah is a bubbly cosmetology student. She paints her nails and enjoys shopping. She is also attracted to girls in the 7 to 11 age range. She is a good example of an LLP.
by zeon92 August 27, 2012
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