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A term, origintating from Selly Oak in Birmingham, for a woman who sleeps with numerous men and lives for one-night stands, in other words, a friendly word for a slag.
Example 1:
"Yesterday, she slept with 3 guys, shes becoming a poppybrown."

Example 2:
In the red light district, Amsterdam: "God, look at all those poppybrowns!"

Example 3:
Person 1:"I've slept with more that half the guys in this room."
Person 2:"You are such a poppybrown, you better get yourself checked!"
by zeet February 20, 2008

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a boy who is a G
and who is a korean wannabe
wow he's the best andy ever!
by zeet November 11, 2006

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a boy who goes to high school and who is stupid.
a boy who loves koreans and loves G's
if you want to find him, he eats lunch in grad hall.
omg!! he's such an andy wannabe!
by zeet November 10, 2006

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