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Basically the ugliest, dirtiest, most crime infested town you will ever fucking run across. Town boasts the Eagles who have never even won a fucking superbowl, the Flyers whose last stanley cup pre-dates the nation's bicentennial, the Phillies who have more loses than any other team in the majors, and a bunch of colleges who have never won anything like villanova, st. joes, and temple. A philly cheestake cant talk shit against a Primanti brothers sandwich. In philly there is nothing to do except go to bars and get in fights with the vile locals. PHILTHadelphia a disgusting city full of niggers who live off welfare and whites who think they are tough shit and never fucking shower. That’s probably why that pathetic excuse of a city smells like a stanky and slimy pussy. People that live in philly are either too retarted to realize that they live in a shit hole or they are too poor to move anywhere else. The only things more pure than its inferiority complex to Pittsburgh is its heroin and its hatred towards progress, common sense and education. Like i said, its a dump.
Philadelphia is a wanna be New York, except with ALOT more black people. Lets move to Pittsburgh!
by zam9 December 28, 2008
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