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A cool mix of grunge and 60's revival. The bands name came from the name of Craig Nicholls dads band from the 60's by the name the vynes. Awesome band with awesome songs like winning days, and vision valley, and....ah hell i dont even need to name them.
nirvana+the beatles= the vines
by zack novark November 11, 2006
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A movie that was an indie-flick. For about ten seconds after its release. Then everybody and there stupid prep brother saw it and immediatly started overrquoting/misquoting it. Now every prep or emo pretends to be deep and relate to the movie. This movie was stolen from the indie kids! Its our movie bitches!
prep:Did you see Napoleon Dynamite 16 yet.
emo:ya that movie was so deep, i like cried for eight hours.
anyindiekidinU.S.A:both of you stfu that was originally an indie flick and you both fuckin know it.
emo:oh man (cries)
by zack novark October 28, 2006
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