2 definition by zack " Boolalalalalala mothafuckers"

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A type if massage involving two naked oriental chicks and alot of soap water, usually followed by a "happy ending".
I don't recommend it(very weird), but if your interested Thailand is the place to go.
Zack "Man i got a sandwich massage in Pattaya, and those bitches were sliding all over the fuck'n place"

Timo "Fuck yeh i want somma that shit!"

Zack "Those bitches be sick"

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The sound an arab makes when going into a battle.
Far away sound "Boolalalalalala....! Jihad, Jihad"

G.W.Bush "Ahhh,i knew those varmints would come a'knockin someday. Is yerr gun handy Chaney"

D.Chaney " Grrrrrrrrrrr.... Yeehawwww!!!! I gotcha Osama!"

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