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A handsome, intelligent, fit human being who is amazing at music and sports and surprisingly fast and strong.
Wow, that guy is such an Yifan!
by Yw February 07, 2018
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A Red head chics pussy, surrounded by a bush of red pubic hair.
Hey, there's that hot Denny's red head waitress with the killer Spark Box I hit last night.
by yw April 25, 2010
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1. any restraining device of stainless steel, wood, bamboo, oragomi, or any other so functioning substance which restains anything living or dead from surpassing a designated boundry.
2.really cool
That thing over there is totally guardrail
by yw September 22, 2003
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semen ejaculated from the penis during intercourse, oral sex and mastrabation.
After banging my buddies wife from behind for over 15 minutes I pulled out and shot a huge load of bart all over her ass & back and into her hair.
by yw March 21, 2006
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