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aight i would just like to say this right now, dave is not self racist, if he was he wouldnt be respected by everyone he is hillarious
some of the funniest moments on chappelles show

guy- mr. chappelle, just because a investigator is a possible racist and their has been some racial profiling goin on lately you think that their was planted evidence in the oj simpson case

dave chappelle- yes i do

guy- but mr. chappelle

dave chappelle- NO FURTHER QUESTIONS

dave chappelle-oh my god its hatching, ladies and genteleman, the first dinosaur in a billion years is being hatched in my house THIS IS THE MOST BALLIN SHIT EVEEEEEEEEERR oh i just wish i had my, my SCISSORS (cuts off the dinosaurs head and licks the blood comin out)

dave chappelle- is pimpin easy??

proffessor- no

dave- correct

girl 1- no

dave- correct

aisain guy- no

dave- correct

dj- it aint easy

dave- correct

black guy-... hell yeah

dave- somehow that is correct
by yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoy0 August 18, 2006

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