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Someone very insecure about who they are that they must at all times appear to be 'edgy' with shock value in order to stay relevant. This often means someone who thinks excessive violence and guns are cool, plays way too much GTA and goes out of their way to be an annoying hipster douchebag, often excusing their pretty disgusting selfish behaviour and toxic conceited attitudes by quoting "Beyond Good and Evil" by Neitzsche. They will also find other Edgelords to create cliques with in order to maintain their comfortable Groupthink dynamics and will malign those who do not share their miserable hipster world view.

The most toxic of all Edgelords is an Edgelord Boss. This is someone fortunate enough to have significant power in an organisation due to their Edgelordliness, meaning that any possibility of introspection or change is zero. Working for an Edgelord Boss is the most soul destroying thing you can do in life, and they can often be found sucking the life out of the music, film and videogame industries. It is advised to seek alternative employment if you find yourself working for an Edgelord, or cabal of Edgelords.

The key difference between an Edgelord and Punk is sincerity. Many Edgelords are Faux-Punk because it's a way to make a lot of money selling offensive counter-culture products to young naive adults.

The videogame character Shadow The Hedgehog is the best example of the redundant Edgelord mentality.
"I play videogames like School Shooter and GTA, obsessed with guns and I quote Nietzsche but deep down I'm a cynical corporate pawn with no spine. I am an insufferable Edgelord."
by yourworstestnightmare June 18, 2018

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