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a deep lingering feeling of intense sadness or grief, hopelessness, intense anguished apathy. a person in depression cannot conceive of a solution, cannot move to any purpose and exists kind of like an automation. quite often caused by a severe loss or threat of a loss. (note: has nothing to do with your brain "balance" or any chemical drugs which big pharma mafia is trying to push on you every other decade under new names and with no science to back their lavish advertisement trying to push forward mild placebo effect and hide wast horrific side effects).
Dr: your depression is back, so we are going to put you on Lexapro. It will also help to alleviate the side effects of Zoloft that you started having last month. (I hope you don't die before your insurance runs out, cuz i don't really know what the hell i am doing here)
by yourdoctor January 02, 2011

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