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collective: Lawdz

young grotty irish male teens- wearing nike, tracksuits, pink tshirts, diamond peirced ears, highlighted spiked-up hair and a spot/touch of acne is always to be found, as well as an over-powering stench/reak of Lynx.

interests: underage smokin up and drinkin in public places, crude jokes, excessive swearing and slang, pimped up cars & trashy girls.

behaviour: constant strugle for dominancy over the collective, cocky & aragont behaviour towards women, constant bravado & talking themselves up...secretly insecure, self-concious, unexperienced and imature.

favourite words & expressions: "well boi", "wha d craic", "aww lawdz", "mint", "look at that bird- shes a ride"
Oh look at the lawdz messin around outside the shop- they sent the oldest looking lawd, into the shop to get them cigarettes and steal a porno...
by your-ma December 16, 2009

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