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Kenner is an amazing guy. He will be by your side forever until you give him a reason not to be. People may think chivalry is corny or may not exist anymore, but Kenner will open every door for you, and be the true gentleman he is. He is so respectful of your feelings, and he will always compliment you. Believe him when he tells you that you’re beautiful. He’s so goofy and easy to get along with. He has a funny laugh that you’ll never forget. Kenner is a very authentic and real man. Don’t mess with his family though, or you will get on his bad side. He takes pride in his roots. If he has you in his circle? You are very lucky because he will make your life all the more worth it. If you fall in love with him? You picked the right guy to fall for. Once he has your heart he will cherish it always.
I love Kenner ❤️
by youaretheoneilovealways September 10, 2019
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