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The Christians of the gaming industry. i.e, they ignore the facts.
Xbox 360 Fanboy: OMG HALO!!!111!!!!1!! PS3 SUX!!!!!!!1!!!
Playstation owner: You guys may have Halo, but we have MGS4, Uncharted 2, Gran Turismo 5...
Xbox owner: THEY ALL SUCK!!!!1!!
Playstation owner: ...Have you even played them...?
Xbox owner: Um... no...
Playstation owner: Also, PS3's processor is much more powerful than the Xbox's, and the Blu-rays hold eight times the amount of data the Xbox's DVDs hold... and-
Xbox: -covers ear with hands- NONONO! SHUT UPP! HALO!!!! XBOX RULES!!!!1!!!!!11!!!
by yayplaystation May 19, 2011
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