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Itsy-bitsy comes from the word "ici-pici" itsy-pitsy, which is originally a Hungarian common word for very tiny, small things. It was taken into the US (to Holywood) by a Hungarian film director in the early 20th century. Then he used it in everyday life and stuck to others. This is the one of the few Hungarian words that were adopted to English (besides 'coach' - kocsi cotshy (when meaning charriot - this invention was spread to the west from medieval Hungary), and 'bacon' - Bakony bachon'(mountainous region in Hungary, from where the finest pigs in medieval Europe were imported to Britain).
English version:
"Itsy Bitsy spider climbed up the water spout..."
Hungarian version:
"Ici-pici pok felmaszott az ereszen..."
by xxlrutin March 06, 2013

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