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1. (v.) to stab someone (or something) in the back by leaving in an extravagant manner, such as getting a one-hour TV special to let your decision be known.

2. (n.) A person with a giant ego that needs to be in control. Tends to leave loved ones, hurting those people in the process.
1. Friend: How are you planning to LeBron you're fiance?
Groom: I'm probably going to get up on the table during the rehearsal dinner and tell everyone that I'm leaving her. Afterwards, I'll slap her and pour wine all over her.

2. Friend: Are you okay?
Bride: No. Jack just left me at the rehearsal dinner.
Friend: It's okay. You don't want to marry a LeBron anyways.
by xprime3234 July 09, 2010

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The unwritten rules that all white people not from "the hood" must follow.
White Guy #1: Have you heard this new lil wayne joint? it's off the hook!
White Guy #2: You're white! You can't talk like that!
White Guy #1: Where does it say this?
White Guy #2: In the albinary code, where else?
by xprime3234 August 11, 2010

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