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When you're saving a document or file on your computer and you don't have time to name it something important. So you smash your hand on the keyboard. hgdsf
Guy 1: Alright just let me save this.

Guy 2: No, we have to leave now!

Guy 1: Fine, *hfdsj saves it*
by xperiencewindows December 06, 2009

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When somebody asks you how many songs you have on your ipod, and you lie about it. (If you really have 150, you say something like 2000).

This is so people don't get embarrassed.
Dude 1: Yo how many songs u got on that shuffle?

Dude 2: Uh, I think like 2000 something.

Dude 1: word.

Dude 2: (talking to himself) lol, iLied.
by xperiencewindows March 17, 2009

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