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An overrated 4ft. tall, rat-faced actress who is known for her role as Gabrielle Solis on the show, "Desperate Housewives". She has a deep voice and an extremely loud/annoying laugh. With a little makeup on her face, she looks like a rat begging for cheese, with a lot of makeup on her face, she looks like a clown, and with NO makeup on her face, she looks like the "Coco Puffs" monkey. She is a primadona and very full of herself (for whatever reason). She also has a huge obsession with dildos/vibrators.
Person 1: Did you see Eva LonWHOREia's interview on ABC?
Person 2: Yeah! She said "vibrator" one too many times and got yelled at for it!

Person 1: I don't understand the fuss about Eva Longoria. She is way too scronny-looking.
Person 2: I agree! There are so many better-looking and nicer people out there!
by xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo February 19, 2007

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