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The animal version of a gold digger, usually a cat, that only shows affection towards it's human master(s) when it wants food.
"Your bitch of a cat just scratched the shit out of me when I tried to pet her! Just 5 minutes ago it jumped on my lap and was acting like I was made out of catnip! I fed her, and now she acts like I'm the dog that raped her kittens!"

"Yeah, sorry. She's a total kibble-digger. Got what she wanted and moved on."
by xcelsior! November 30, 2011
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A big, fat bull dike that steals from her friends, neglects her illegitimate children, likes to do Hot Cocoa sex with scabies ridden drug addicts for meth, lives in shit ville Longview Washington and will ultimately die and be forgotten there. Hideously ugly, she single handedly inspired into existence the word Cunthoabitch. Kill this nasty, ogreish cunt on site if you are ever unfortunate enough to lay eyes on her.
"Niki ripped off my wife's wedding ring, and now I'm gonna drag that bitch across country behind a Harley Davidson motorcycle!"
by xcelsior! December 07, 2011
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