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Is A Guy From Sweden Who Makes Awesome youtube Videos That Are Both Hilariouly Commentated On And Beastly In Content.

His Opening To Most Videos Is:

"What Up Guys? Tebj Here, To Tha Face! To Tha Face!"

Trivia -

Most Viewed Swedish youtube Channel Ever!
Gamer 1: Check Tebjz Out On Youtube, He Got This Awesome Video You Will Have To Touch Yourself Over It.

Gamer 2: I doubt it but ill check it out.....
----------------LATER THAT NIGHT---------
Gamer 2: WOW! Where'd My Tissues GO?
by xallaraParallax March 26, 2010
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1. Nanner Is A Phase For Banana. Therefore, SeaNanners Are Sea Bananas.

2. SeaNanners Is The Gamer Tag Of A Very Popular Youtuber Who Post Tips And Tactics And Games For The Xbox.
1. I Like To Munch On SeaNanners, There Better Than The Average Banana.

2. A Beastly Gamer...Robotic And Perfectionist.
by xallaraParallax March 26, 2010
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