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Late Nite Reading also known as LNR.

"Late Nite Reading is hitting the pop-punk scene with a youthful vigor not seen in ages. With a majority of the band being just sophomores in highschool, LNR packs a punchy, hook-driven mature pop sound at an unheard of age. Backed by their recently released studio EP, LNR is forcing their way into the limelight as one of the youngest professional acts in the business.

Late Nite Reading started out of necessity. Not really, but you get what we're saying. One day, not too long ago, (the start of the summer 2009, actually) Brady Szuhaj (Bassist) approached Dalton Wixom (Singer) with the idea of doing a pop punk band together. They plunked around with the idea, wrote some songs, and recruited a drummer. The trio had a practice together, and immediately fell in love. A few more practices later, they added a lead guitarist and they were ready to record. So they did that. The Summer of 2010 they released their first 5 song EP, "Cycles and Sounds". Since that time the roster has changed slightly. Jacob Benner now mans the drums and lends his amazing drum skills to the effort and Aaron Severance has taken over the role of lead guitar with his solid guitar work."-reverbnation.com
person 1: GUESS WHAT!!!
person 2: what?
person 2: HOLY SHIT NO WAY!!!!
both:(screaming, jumping around and being excited)
by xXxDinoRawrxXx January 20, 2011
ZAAAAAA ZAAAAAAAAAAAAA is a way of expressing happiness, excitement, joy ect. ZAAAAAA ZAAAAAAAAAAAAA is spelled with six A's in the first ZA and fifteen A's in the second ZA as repeated numerous times by the original creator. The original creator of ZAAAAAA ZAAAAAAAAAAAAA is Collin Fiol. (a.k.a the awesome merch dude from the band Late Nite Reading)
person 1: congratulations you just won a million dollar's
person 1: huh?
person 2: look it up on urban dictionary.
by xXxDinoRawrxXx January 24, 2011
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