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The redneck capital of British Columbia. Also the home of the infamous Gerald Mower. One half of Revelstoke you don't come into, and not expect to get fucked with. Get it up, get it in ya, and don't mess up my hair do. The other half is known as the Bighetto. The Bighetto consists of a bunch of trailer parks, a shut down school, a shut down bar, and a dysfunctional gas station. Welcome to Revelstoke.
Dude 1: Hey man I'm going to Revelstoke this weekend.
Dude 2: Isn't that just a bunch of rednecks?
Dude 1: Yeah, one of them head-butted in the windshield of a car.
Dude 2: Is that Gerald Mower? I heard he lives in the Bighetto.
by xTheMoneyShotx July 3, 2010
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