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A sureno in northern cali is fukin` stupid n confused. He dosen`t understand that he is sayin` "fuck norte!" but at the same time sayin` "it`s al bout dat essj" now were is essj? in the NORTE! surenos in southern cali are also stupid because they say sur stants for southern united raza, but they kill other surenos more than they do nortenos, their rival gang! In Norte califaz they rarely EVER where blue ENEmore, for 2 reasons: 1. they are to scared that a Norteno will blast on thier ass 2. or they are ashamed to be called a sureno!
Norteno: aye homie wut ya`ll bangin`!
sureno 1: oh no we dont bang homes!!
sureno 2: yeah homes we no bang!
Norteno: fuk yall bitch ass skrapz! izz puro NORTE!(Norteno beats the shit outa both surrataz)
by x4LOKiT4x4 June 12, 2007

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