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my favorite character on the show Invader Zim. dib is a boy in zims class who is obsessed with the paranormal. dib lives with his famous scientist dad, professor membrane, and his little sister, gaz. he is the only one apart from gaz who knows zim is an alien. even though he tries infinite times to prove to everyone zim is an alien, they never believe him and just think hes insane. he has black hair, glasses, and a long black coat.
person: whats wrong with you? all you talk about is aliens and ghosts and seeing bigfoot in your garage!
dib: he was using the belt sander.
- episode the nightmare begins

FBI: hey.. your DIB... right? hehe.. you ever get that ninja ghost outta your toilet?
dib: yes! no thanks to you!
-episode zim eats waffles

dib: (sprints into classroom) sorry im late! horrible nightmare visions!
mrs. bitters: its called life dib, now sit down.
- episode halloween spectacular of spooky doom
by x.:invader jenna :.x August 20, 2010

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