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The game is a very simple game, the aim of the game is not to think of the game. By reading this you will soon realize that you have just lost the game.

You cannot win the game, but the aim of playing the game is to not lose the game for as long as you can. When you lose the game, you have 15 minutes 'grace' period where you cannot lose the game.

Also, when you do lose the game, you must announce it out loud so that people nearby will also lose the game.

Example 1
Greg: THE GAME!!
Fred: Argh!
Greg: Haha! Oh wait, I lost the game too! Grr.

Example 2
Greg: www.lostthegame.info
*Fred visits website*
Fred: Fuuu- How do I stop it?!
Greg: Mwahahaha! *evil grin*
by www.lostthegame.info June 2, 2011
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