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arises from uncontrolled ejaculation. The loss of bodily fluids into the unknown - eg. living-room carpet, bedroom ceiling etc.

The Spunk Hunt occurs when a partner returns home unexpectedly, immediately after the mag stash has been completed. Wayward semen is rarely found by the male of the species, but the female of the species is more attuned to track it down.

A dead giveaway that a covert wank has taken place, along with flushed cheeks, and trousers half-undone.
I had a quickie over that bird from charmed yesterday, after a thorough Spunk Hunt I found the mess and cleaned it up before my missus got home.
by www.chavspotting.co.uk May 27, 2004
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A man who likes to play on a pink oboe. He may also smoke pink cigars. More simply put, he is gay. The phrase 'ringbang' derives from the act of anal intercourse, describing the base of the penis reaching the rectal opening, causing a Rhythmic banging noise.

Commonly used as an insult, at least by me. I think it's funny.
Just get on with your work, you fucking ringbang.
by www.chavspotting.co.uk May 11, 2004
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