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The amazing drummer of From First To Last.
Is also in The Color of Violence with fftl guitarist Travis Richter.
Also, Dereks current girlfriends name is Sommer.
Was born in California.
Derek Bloom has the most gorgeous eyes. <33
by wowthatshardcore August 21, 2006

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The lead singer of My Chemical Romance.
Founded My Chem with their old drummer, Matt, after witnessing 9/11.
Was an alocholic but got clean and sober in July 2004.
Also writes the lyrics for the band.
Has amazing skeleton pajamas.
Is quite possibly the one of the best looking men to walk the planet.
Also, he is not gay. He currently lives with his girlfriend and in apartment in New York.
Gerard Way is extremly talented and does not deserve all you so called fans wanting to do "things" with him.
by wowthatshardcore August 22, 2006

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One of the guitarists for the band From First To Last. As well as playing guitar, he screams. Is also in The Color of Violence with From First To Lasts drummer, Derek Bloom. He is currently 23 and dating a girl named Lauren.
Travis Richter needs more love!
by wowthatshardcore August 21, 2006

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A person who spends their life on myspace, posting bulletins about how they had a terrible day and need comments.

Or they continually post bulletins about their new pictures, begging for picture comments.

The worst is probably those that love to post bulletins about how if you post this you'll get a million dollars or a boyfriend.

Bulletins posted by bulletin whores usually have very bad grammar and lots of spelling mistakes.
Bulletin posted by a bulletin whore:
"Subject: LYK OH EM GEEE
Body: i lYK havv n3w pics.

go c0mmment slUUts."
by wowthatshardcore September 30, 2006

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The ability to take amazing pictures of yourself. Named after Pete Wentz, bassist of the band Fall Out Boy, as he can take gorgeous photos of himself.
Person A: Look at that girl, she has the Pete Wentz touch. I mean that picture of her is amazing!
Person B: I know. I so wish I had the Pete Wentz touch.
by wowthatshardcore September 29, 2006

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