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the process of extracting the internal hard drive from an external hard drive.
Is that WD portable shuckable?

Nope, the USB header is soldered on the SATA interface
by wkwkeke June 03, 2017
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The sound made by a male cat or tom cat. For female cat refer to meow
Male Cat: Miau, how you doing?
Female Cat: Meow, fine thank you
by wkwkeke October 31, 2014
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When a player is faced with impending defeat in PvP in MMO games, they relog (by pulling the cable or exiting the game in an abnormal manner) to prevent any record from being created in the game.

Mostly common amongst the romanian populace (particularly rotard), hence the term ROlog to differentiate from normal relogging.
Jimmy: Did you PK AndreiRO and RObot ?
Alice: No, they both rologged.
by wkwkeke August 12, 2012
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