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As for bellmore, these families, i'd say the majority is upper-middle class. As for these kids, well you can catch them hanging out usually in schoolyards after dark usually passing around pot or smoking ciggarettes...as they call it "Bowgies", or beer. Most kids are mainstream & listen to lil wayne, jay-z & are not only white & rich, but have such large egos they now believe they are black and live a hard-knock gangster life, by hanging out in school yards & smoking "weed" with daddys money, they maintain a cool kid wigger attitude. Then theres the rebels. Not as bad as the wiggers i'll admit, but still bad, these are the ones you can find in bellmores own village dressed in clothing that looks like it is stapled and clothespinned with ridiculous punk bullshit all over it...what an eye sore & whats sad is there parents can afford to buy them regular clothes, you can find these kids that range from 12-17 year olds, who are often surrounded by older men, whom i'd say are probably middle aged hanging out with them idk why they are with them, i dont want to no. I think bellmore village needs a shower & a drug test, & the rest of bellmore needs to idolize something else besides hollister models & rappers on MTV this town needs a wakeup call & so does everyone in it.
You can go to Bellmore and see for yourself.
by witnessess June 14, 2010

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