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I Live in San Ramon and I have lived here all my life and I hate it!The only thing that is good are my friends that arent robots liek the adults and soccer moms in this town.No one has a peronality that is worth taking a second look at.The town is boring,there is no hang out for the kids except the market place which isnt even that fun! The only hot people here are teenagers which are either shallow or amazing, you have a 99.9% chance to get shallow teens.Every one thinks we are rich well we arent!This place is just so normal,and so modern and there are cops everywhere!They isolate us from the actaull bad things in this world, or atleast the adults try to but in this town everyone is bad in there own way ,we just dont show it. People usally stink but liek I said you still have that 1.1% chance of finding those amazing people that are just as random as you and all my friends are that 1.1% but like I said this town is crap and I am begging you if you even think about moving here kiss your life good bye. I wish some one would take me out of this hell hole
san ramon,hell,sucks,cookie cutter town,isolation,hell whole
by wishingtoleave June 26, 2011
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