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a. a man who's appeared in many books where he hides and you seek, usually for children.
b. a male name.
Do you know why Waldo's hiding?
Because one day he dared to hit on Chuck Norris' girlfriend.
by winter gryphon June 13, 2008
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A. Someone who helps someone else out for no reason, and expects nothing else in return.
B. Someone who killed a lot of "bad guys"/ who bribed someone like a king with money for fame.
C. the barabrian definition: the guy who killed the most in battle.
A: Ghandi was a hero
B: most counts in the middle ages were apparantly heroes.
C: most likely the chief of the barbarian village was the hero, if the chief didn't kill the most, he wasn't chief anymore.
by winter gryphon June 14, 2008
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If you loooked up the meaning of life on the internet, ESPECIALLY urban dictionary, you have are a loser with no life and therfore no meaning
loser: I looked up the meaning of life on the internet yesterday.
guy: What a loser....
by winter gryphon June 12, 2008
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