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The new prefix of the mickey-mouse, so-called amateur radio foundation licence in the UK that is in reality no more than a multiband-CB licence. The Radio Society of Good Buddies (RSGB) were instrumental in its introduction and should be boycotted as a result. Most wannabes that hold M6 or the older M3 callsigns are either windie lickers, retards or chavs, or in some cases all three, and are too dumb to progress on to a real Amateur Radio licence. Some allegedly intelligent slackers even lowered themselves to the level of the M3 licence because they were too lazy to do a fairly simple morse test to achieve a full licence.
That 10W M6/M3 just beat me in a pileup, and I'm using 400W to a monoband yagi!
by windie licker II August 21, 2008
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