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The killing of a good joke with a shit, unfunny input. Named after a friend bless him for his frequent deagling ways.

A short history of the deagle

The term was originally created as nickname. It soon became apparent that deagles forte was the ability to make the most hilarious joke, a cringe worthy moment. one night, when the lads were round, deagle lived up to his reputation time and time again. And so it became necessary to invent a term for these embarrassing moments. the term was used that night and it has stuck ever since. There have been some adaptations such as pointing the gun at a suspected deagler.
dude you were on a roll with those jokes, but then you had to fucking deagle.

in practise:
Tom: your mommas so old, when watchig jurassic park she mumbled, 'ahh the good old days'

Dave: your mommas so fat because she ate loads.....

Tom: erm............ deagle
by williamtheconquerer September 27, 2009
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