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the smith sauad is a team of racist halo players who play with 2 or more guests online. they usually have a friend with the gamertag of alex pool which is not afraid to t-bag other players. they usually do not lose but have lost a time or two. the emblem the have is a tomcat with a cowboy hat on, or as they say a kitty cat cowboy. the team likes to hiss and meow alot before the game and then harrass u afterwards until u leave.
jim: yeah, yesterday i won 5 games in a row until i lossed to the smith squad.

frank: what was the score?

jim: 50 to 19.

frank: wow thats pretty bad

jim: yeah two of there players had perfections and one hissed at me after he killed me

frank: brutal

jim: yeah then they called me a dirty nigger
by william hernandez December 03, 2008

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