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a short arse who love shagging his own granny...for money! he usually helps his grandad with the gardening and picks his bumhole at the same time. he can also be relied on to provide other men with genital warts, often polleys.he gets scobied by other men regularly while getting another man to shove his dick in his face, often hangs about with men who like to macinally after 11 o'clock on friday, saterday and sunday nights, when not doing this he looks for a mate using his specialised mating call, he finds mates to bumbreed with using high powered binoculars, usually has a small penis(average of less than 3.5cm) also relied on his friends who are girls to ask nonhomosexual guys out but is often rejected. he usually thinks he is cool but does not realise that mountain bikes ARE BETTER than there motorised counterparts!!!(what a douchebag)has an uncontrollable urge to get scobied by people mostly on average called nicolas or albinos. stay away from this pedophiliac!
dude#1: duude look over there seee that guy shagging his gran while poking his bumhole?

dude#2: you mean the one thats using his specialised mating call, to find mates to bumbreed with using his less than 3.5cm penis while being scobied and macinallying himself similtaneously?

dude #1:oh you spotted another craig, well done old chap thats the third one this week, its going to be a riot when they go into mating season to find nicolas's and albinos for there erotic creepy sexual activities.

dude#2 well discribed old bean:D

dude #1: i concur

dude#2: indububly
by william,taylor,is,gay June 19, 2009
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