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The most technically demanding genre of music in the world. Classical music focuses primarily on perfection. For listeners willing to look past cliche lyrics and generic beats found in about 80% of the music on MTV or the radio today.
The user complaining about how "Classical is boring. When is the last time you saw classical music on MTV or at no.1 in the charts?" is obviously being sarcasic. Because if he/she is not, then they are misguided. Just because it's popular and people are willing to throw away their money for it, doesn't make it good. Let's make a few comparisons between rap and classical, since thats where this debate is originating from:

1. Classical music has withstood the test of time. Rap has only originated in the past 20 years, and already many people don't know 70%+ rap bands around before todays "artists" (this appears to be the case with you, too). Classical has been around for hundreds of years, and you can still go to your local music store and pick up a classical based album.

2. In your point "Emotional music comes from the heart, not from fucking black dots written on a paper with lines.", don't you think that the people who put those same black dots you're complaining about on that paper where "coming from the heart"? when they wrote it?

3. If you had any knowledge of music or music theory, you would know that the artists you meantioned all use beats that a four year old uses to play "music". Rhyming and bitching are not hard to do, using complex harmonization, sequencing, and phrasing is.

4. You're a moron, joke or not. You don't know how to use proper grammer, puntuation, or paragraphs for that matter. You also talk like a pre-pubesent 12 year old desperatly trying to "fit in with the scene" in your town or neighborhood.
by wild_jary July 31, 2005

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