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While there is always a high background level of interest among normies to score a "Big Tiddy Goth Girlfriend" this reaches it's pinnacle in the month of October, colloquially known as Spooktober.

The yearning to spend Spooky Season with someone more interesting than yourself is understandable, however most fail to realise the level of commitment needed to keep a Goth Girlfriend satisfied all-year-long. As a result many such Seasonal Goth Girlfriends end up abandoned shortly after Halloween.

Experts note that there is little evidence for this phenomenon being anything more than an Urban Myth. Critics say that those experts never had any chance to score a Goth Chick to start with and are just being testy.
- Hey, I saw you got yourself a Seasonal Goth Girlfriend. Nice job!

- Dude. My girlfriend is an Emo and we've been together for two years. People like you are the reason why society is falling apart. Jeez.
by widebased September 30, 2022
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Term used to signify that something has been going on for a long, long time.
"Cool shirt!" "Thanks, I've had it since forever."
by widebased March 21, 2014
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