1 definition by who.shives.a.git

most of em are grammar nazis, theyre the group of people who supposed to teach jejemon how to type/text neatly/correct.. instead of teachin these jejemons, jejebusters curse and cuss a lot.. which is wrong, and way stupid than the jejemon's writing.. while some, just hate jejemons even when they have no idea what that is.. they just want to be "IN" or popular..

and last, these people are humans who cant respect their own race..
jejemon fanpage: eOwzZ pfUeh! nUh pfOeh 6wAh niUh lhT!? *heLLow! whUt rR u gUyzZ dOin6?!*
jejebusters: putang ina mo! mamatay ka na! *MOFO GO DIE!*
by who.shives.a.git April 28, 2010
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