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A generation of lame ass American teenagers (13-19) who watch anime, cut themselves, and wear silly bands. They think they speak "jap", and they cut because "no one understands them." They're usually white kids, born and raised upper-middle-class, with no problems, yet they tend to cause their own problems and sympathize for themselves over it. This, and the "chu" generation (a group of retard 11-17 year olds who think "rape ish funneh") are under the same category in social groupings. They're also stuck-up, get irritated easily, and think they own the Earth.
Normal Kid: Hi there Kayla!

Kayla (A.K.A. Naruto Generation kid): -rapes- Lul. Hai. o3o.

Other Normal Kid: Wow look at Kayla she's such a Naruto Generation kid.
by whatthehecklolz May 08, 2011

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