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The most beautiful and amazing girl you will ever meet in your entire life. Rosalie is sweet, smart, compassionate, caring, and funny. From her silky, flowing hair, to her intelligent eyes, her amazing smile, and her fantastic body, you go into a trance every time you see her. She's a nerd, but a hot nerd, and always has a way to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Whenever you see her, it brightens up your day. She is kind to everyone, and is an amazing singer and actor. She's destined to be a broadway actress one day. You wish you were her boyfriend, but you feel she's too good for you. Rosalie is a gift from heaven and a blessing to this Earth.
Person 1: Soo... I talked to Rosalie the other day.
Person 2: WAAT! Aw lucky! She's awesome.
Person 1: I know.
Rosalie: Hey!
(Person 1 and 2 faint)
by whatcanisay¯\_(ツ)_/¯ July 01, 2013

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